The 12 Days of a Woman Who Codes

Ways you can change the world through programming. Hours of coding to fix a critical bug the day before a release. Crashes the customer sees compared to your none; along with 10 passing unit tests. Lines of code cleverly refactored to 1 then refactored back to 9 to make your code readable again. Cries and... Continue Reading →

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Programming – To Infinity and Beyond

Once you learn programming you can go anywhere and do anything.  In our technology infiltrated world, programming and data science opportunities are available in nearly any field of your choosing. The University of Illinois recently launched a new degree that melds computer science and crop science.  One area students analyze is how to take the... Continue Reading →

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The Art of Saying No

Children force you to rethink your priorities.  I have optimized and organized and still never have enough time.  I am a do-er and a learner by nature; there is so much I want to do and be.  But I can't do it all right now and still be a great mom, my number one priority. ... Continue Reading →

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Confession: I’m Too Polite

To change our unconscious biases we not only need to change our thought patterns, but we need to change our actions and reactions.  These are the interactions we have been practicing our whole lives, and at least for me, are deeply ingrained in how I interact at work and in society. A couple of weeks... Continue Reading →

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Unconscious Bias

Don't blink.  Things aren't always what they seem. Unconscious bias is like a mind bug.  Your brain needs to make assumptions to process and interpret the inputs it receives; however, these assumptions and interpretations often can show biases.  There can be a lot of value in listening to your first impression or instinct, as discussed... Continue Reading →

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Welcome Back

Life has been crazy.  Blogging, life as a woman in tech, my life in general has taken a back seat for the past four years as I worked on growing and raising two tiny humans.  That #momlife is a full time job on top of a full time job. My son Myles, now 4, was... Continue Reading →

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Meal Plan Like a Boss

I am an optimizer (as I'd imagine a lot of programmers are) - I am constantly experimenting to simplify my life, minimize time spent on chores and maximize fun time for my family. At the same time, I love cooking and I love eating good food. Some people can eat the same 3 meals every... Continue Reading →

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